Men U Praise from Graduates of Men U

Communications professional: “For years, I went through the motions but was not living out my faith. Worse yet, I had hidden sin that kept me away from God and other godly men. Having now opened my life up to God, my wife and other men–I firmly believe the principles in Men U: Courses for a Transformed Life were the keys to unlock my intimacy with Christ, my wife, my family and my brothers in Christ. I simply don’t see how you get to know Christ and the life He has for you without these principles.”

Rancher/businessman: “When I first started Men U six months ago, I was initially taken back because I had never looked at my life this way before. Dave Wertheim’s no-nonsense, biblical approach has helped me view life through God’s perspective and impacted me dramatically. I’m now totally focused on allowing the Holy Spirit to transform every aspect of my life–for the rest of my life.”

Sales professional: “This book is from a rubber-meets-the-road believer. Dave Wertheim lives out the principles from Men U: Courses for a Transformed Life; effectively disciplining men and helping them develop intimacy with Christ. I have been applying these practices for the past 10 years and they have significantly broadened and deepened my effectiveness in walking with the Lord and loving others.”

Research analyst: "There is simply no better process and material for living a godly life. While I’ve been walking faithfully with the Lord for a long time, applying these principles has developed my focus, commitment, and service to a whole new level."

Software quality assurance manager: “As a new believer, there seemed to be so many paths to leading a godly life. Practicing the Men U: Courses for a Transformed Life process has enabled me to focus on the key areas that matter most. Over the last four years, this has transformed my walk with Christ, my marriage, my ability to lead at work, and the way I live my life.”

CEO/President, Financial Services Company: "As a lifelong Christian who is just beginning to ‘get it,’ I recently began applying the teachings from Men U: Courses for a Transformed Life. I heartily recommend it to all men who desire to grow spiritually. Dave Wertheim’s clear communication of God's truths to men will speak to your heart in direct, practical and challenging ways."

Real estate developer: "For the past seven years I have been applying the precepts from Men U: Courses for a Transformed Life to search and understand Scripture to guide me toward living a Christ-centered life. Dave Wertheim’s example of godly living and his encouragement to read and apply God's Word, and pray on a daily basis has deepened my intimacy with our Creator to a level I never thought possible. Thank you Dave for allowing your actions to speak more loudly than your words, and faithfully caring for and serving so many others.”

Engineering program manager: “When I received Christ into my life, I struggled with getting out of my comfort zone and changing old destructive habits. I soon realized my wavering was adversely affecting my marriage, parenting and work. Adopting the biblical principles and disciplines from Men U has transformed my life. I have learned to become a devoted leader, a joyful servant, and consistent giver in my daily life. My focus and actions are becoming more and more Christ-centered, and God has blessed my life immensely.”

Medical sales professional: “The concepts and teachings in Men U: Courses for a Transformed Life have changed my life.  I am a calmer, more focused father, husband and Christian. I am making the ‘Practical Tips’ a habit I practice daily, and it’s leading me to live a more god-honoring life. While I’m not fully ‘there’ yet, I’m making great strides and look forward to the day I can be teaching these principles to others.”

CEO/Financial Planner: “Dave Wertheim has been my bible study leader and a godly example to me for the past 3 years. I’ve been applying the Men U principles and my life and spiritual walk have been radically transformed. Through Men U I have discovered biblical truths in an easy to follow format that have brought to light many secrets that I had kept hidden for years.  My marriage, family, and relationship with God have grown significantly through this process.”